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January 14, 2023 - By

This week’s 52frames challenge was a long exposure. I don’t think I’ve ever shot in Timed Value mode before this. I give this shot a B+, it’s not quite what I was envisioning, but I liked the stark difference with the black glass reflecting the swirling light. I did a few dozen attempts to get swirls that were ok, and I suspect I’d have to do a few hundred to the the swirls the exact way I wanted.

For video inspiration I thought this was a stand-out – I had no idea that long exposure could render a busy city as desolate. Really incredible. I’d like to try this next time we’re in the city.

Not living in a city, I ended up working with tips along the lines depicted in this video.

First I rigged up our astronaut helmet with battery powered Christmas lights like so:

At night we shot a bunch of stuff with slightly different techniques, with mixed results. You can click thumbnails below to see larger versions in this browser tab. I’m not absolutely happy with any of them, but this assignment really whet my appetite to the possibilities I’ve been introduced to.

I deeply appreciate the ethos of 52 Frames encouraging consistency over perfectionism; so I share this work “as is”. One day I’ll look back and be thankful for this first step.


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