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January 21, 2023 - By

In this week’s 52 Frames challenge we had to photograph our hobby – I refuse to do a meta posting on photography, which leaves only bass guitar.

In my photo description I gush about the iconic design work of Leo Fender which has essentially defined what a bass guitar even is. I have a early 2000’s Jazz bass with a cream body and white pickguard; an awkward combination that I adore. I almost submitted a body shot (shown here straight from camera, and with heavy adjusting) – but it’s almost “too busy” with so many curves and features and details. I wanted something simpler that still told the whole story.

Fender Jazz body

My final submission was the headstock after some fussing around in Lightroom. Pretty dinged up eh? I love it so much. I’m also in the reflection of the tuner posts.

I did attempt some macro detail shots (meh), and have an idea for juxtaposing this sleek curvaceous instrument on a very interesting boulder nearby – but it’s January in Canada; if the best-case-scenario is not-wrecking the bass I can secure that by posting my “safe shots”.

This is the same MIM vintage that Joe Dart uses – I’m going to prescribe looking at my photos while listening to Dean Town 😉



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