📷 Photo of a Stranger – SNOWKEH!

January 27, 2023 - By

This week 52 Frames gave us the scariest challenge yet – photographing a stranger. When the snow began to fall in the most beautiful way I knew it was ideal conditions – what I hadn’t factored in was that it was time for people to take the trash to the curb for early morning collection. My wife Kristi went on the excursion with me, and was so engaging – the genuine laughter that Ed exhibits was enjoying how gullible she was to his whaling stories. I wasn’t going to bother asking about props (asking someone to take their portrait is enough challenge), but he immediately wanted his pipe!

A big shoutout to @zinderfine for coining the term “snowkeh” (a play on “bokeh”, the awesome shallow depth of field blur).

My 50mm lens usually struggles to get consistent focus, but I was pleasantly surprised to see I had a lot to choose from! I knew I had something when we let Ed go… but that didn’t stop me from asking someone else for a portrait. I learned that she spent a life in theatre – the photo tells that story!

I did the lightest of adjustments and really weighed my options all week before spending more time in Lightroom. I also photoshopped out a couple tiny distractions on their garments (like his jacket logo).

I’m trying a new image gallery plugin here.


Mind completely blown: My photo was selected in the “Top 3” for this week’s album. What an honour!


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