The Best Part of Travel

January 13, 2023 - By

Travel is fun! Novel experiences are saved in our memories with a higher degree of quality than our routine. The best part of travel is challenging our perception of what is normal.

My little slice of Canadiana is not normal – not in a global sense, not historical human history. There has only been one house on the little property I live upon. Before this house was built some twenty years ago it was a farmer’s field, and before that it was wilderness. Contrast that to most other parts of the populated planet: humans have lived there for centuries, and countless buildings have been there – history dripping!

a castle in England

The world felt so much bigger in the noisy confusing Airport where I couldn’t read the signs, nor understand the announcements over the speakers – but this experience helps me better empathize with millions of people for whom this is a regular occurance.

The world felt smaller standing in Hungary thinking about planes bombing these bridges, and soldiers marching on these streets. So sobering when this isn’t just some academic day-dreaming from decades ago, but is happening now just across the border.

a bridge in Budapest

By nature I’m a homebody – but travel always stretches me and helps me to gain a broader perspective.

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