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now with 33% more bass

January 3, 2005 - By

this holiday season bretton and i sealed the deal and settled on a band name: alara. we practiced a bunch of songs for the coffeehouse.... View Article

a new low

December 12, 2004 - By

i bought a low b string for my old bass and took off the g. matt and i had to drill holes in the bridge... View Article


December 7, 2004 - By

i’m getting old. the memory is the first thing that goes.


November 29, 2004 - By

as you may have heard, i got scurvy this week. the doctor actually seems to think it’s cool. i bet he brags about his patients... View Article

new love

November 21, 2004 - By

here’s what you need to do: find a double bass. you don’t need to know how to play to appreciate how it really is the... View Article

back to bassics

November 10, 2004 - By

i’ve been dl’ing live vids of bands and have noticed an annoying trend. no bass player action. ridiculous. example: the strokes were on conan, out... View Article

last laffs

November 5, 2004 - By

remember the high school math prof who hated you? mine would heckle me in class. anyways, he called me at work with a photoshop elements... View Article

the day has come

November 2, 2004 - By

back in highschool emily wood convinced me to get my g1 driving license. today, it is expired. i never even learned how to drive. better... View Article

technology sucks

November 1, 2004 - By

I’ve had a minidisc walkman for a year now, and it’s ruining me for music. have you been paying attention to my top 5? i... View Article


October 21, 2004 - By

those of you in my whining circle may have heard me complain that my sight has gone south since i had eyeritis. i went to... View Article

welcome to paradise

October 19, 2004 - By

about three months ago there was an attempted abduction directly across the street from where i work. three weeks ago there was a band robbery... View Article


October 5, 2004 - By

last week after the first presidential debate some cnn guy, and also the toronto star quoted the opinions expressed by bloggers as some kind of... View Article


September 17, 2004 - By

last week I got in a fight with a ninja on the way to work. he was beating the snot out of me until I... View Article


August 10, 2004 - By

this month the awol gallery in toronto is holding the square foot gallery. it’s neat to see the emerging style of our generation. a lot... View Article

farewell québec

August 3, 2004 - By

no showers, ridiculous roads, sleeping in a conference room, complimentary escorts, never-ending gay pride parades, hit and runs – that’s right, I went to quebec... View Article

Other People’s Pets

June 28, 2004 - By

i’ve been having creative dreams lately. two nights ago i had a dream that my aunt served me a sandwhich spread called ‘other people’s pets’.... View Article


June 22, 2004 - By

have you heard of that movie ‘supersize me’ where the guy eats mcdonalds for a month and is practically dying? i was kinda alarmed to... View Article


June 1, 2004 - By

with the elections coming up, and Ken’s background in politics, a lot of our customers want to talk about politics. my two cents is always... View Article


May 24, 2004 - By

ye olde camera perished this weekend. it didn’t float. it was going to be four years old this summer. i never used the stupid thing,... View Article

new start

May 4, 2004 - By

i haven’t had the internet in my home for nearly 3 months now. due to xp problems, i was no longer able to create a... View Article