When I was your age…

April 14, 2008 - By

Last week I was watching a webcam at the Narrows on Eagle Lake in Northern Ontario. I thought to myself ‘huh, I could watch the sun set on my favourite getaway lake…’, and it struck me how weird that was. 18 years ago I didn’t know anyone who had a Personal Computer, I had never heard of the internet, and “cams” still used film. Now I can use my laptop to wirelessly watch images-as-they-happen thousands of miles away, then take a picture on my cell phone and instantly post it on my blog! I can totally pull a “when I was your age” story out of that.

Attached is a picture I would never tell the younguns about… it’s the shameful way I resorted to playing DDR at when I foolhardily decided to play on the hardest setting.


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