Where do you listen to music?

April 14, 2008 - By

I think it’s safe to say we all have a favourite place to spin the tunes.

At work through headphones, blaring in the car, at home in the parlour by the fire with your faithful dog… I think ‘where’ is almost as important as ‘what’. Some people like myself listen to music all day long if they can help it.

I would say the majority of my listening happens at the computer through surround sound while working. I wish I could give all music the benefit of headphones, it really opens the music up. If you’ve only thought that the Beta Band was ok, you might not have played through the phones; their music transforms. The worst place for me to judge music is in my car. Wind whistles in the one door and Canadian roads add a beat of their own on our seasonally mangled roads.

Next time you’re making someone a mix, maybe you should cater the tracklist to a location. “Best spun on the hightway” mix…

Where are you listening to music?


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