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April 14, 2008 - By

I recently read an article about freelance philosophies that really opened my eyes. For the last year I have busier than ever without ever taking the time to work on my own web presence. I always brushed it off; I’m too busy making client sites to worry about my own. The author went on to explain that as a developer I need to establish a solid web-presence, and not just my own website.

It has inspired me to start a Recent Work section of my site. It’s the perfect comprimise; updating my website while highlighting a few client projects.

Today marks the launch of the Campus Trails website. Campus Trails is the network of trails behind my alma-matter Canadore College / Nipissing University in North Bay Ontario. Working with Rebecca Barker and the Comm team I helped come up with the name for the trails, the logo, trail signs and this website.


House Works Company site went live last week. This was another Benjamin James Marketing Communications job that went perfectly. The combination of team work and fast acting clients brought this project together in nearly record time.


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