The Value of Fresh Content

March 19, 2011 - By

Soon after my Farewell IE6 post was published on Six Revisions, it popped up on a “seventh revision” – I was plagiarized. This wasn’t the first time one of my Six Revision posts was recycled like this, but what was unique was the author not only giving me authorship credit, but accidentally giving my WordPress account full admin rights and emailing me the notice of this account.

I took the high road. I could have destroyed his entire site, but instead I wrote him a fresh, unique post about the value of fresh content. Click the screenshot below to read it.

A screencap of my fresh post


Within a couple hours this post and the one borrowed from Six Revisions were taken down graciously. I’m not sharing this to shame the people who nabbed my article. They made a mistake, and they fixed it. I’m sharing this because I think my article is pretty decent, and it’s a funny story!

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