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April 11, 2011 - By

I’ve spent the better part of my nerd life waiting for the next big thing. In hardware it would be better video cards, better monitors, more RAM, smarter computers. In software cravings would include new features, easier processes and better integration of favourite apps, and for the Internet I’ve had a lot of wishes that have mostly revolved around Internet Explorer’s CSS support.

I can honestly say now that I am content with everything the way it is.

Seriously, you inventors and revolutionizers can stop now.

I haven’t fully absorbed the “new” HTML5 and CSS3 information that’s come out in the last couple years, and already people are starting to speculate about HTML6’s spec. FireFox 4 launched in the last few weeks with the promise of several new versions by the end of the year. I still feel like Google’s Chrome browser is brand new, yet somehow version 11 is launching immanently!

I’m starting to feel like a curmudgeony old man right now. Now sooner had HD Televisions begun to gain popularity than Japan announced it had the worlds first Super-HD camera and screens. New insane mobile phones are being announced faster than the average adult can read. And, by the time you finish reading this sentence twelve new browsers will likely launch and as a web designer I’ll have to support and test on all of them.

The future is here to stay, and I find it hard to keep up. As nerds we need to expand how much we care, or narrow our focus to some obscure niche.

The good news is creativity is no longer hindered by technology. The bad news is there is no sign of innovation slowing down any time soon!

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