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November 3, 2008 - By

For nearly two years I’ve been a member of the International Mixtape Project. This is an online community whose members are assigned to make a mix for another of the global members and in return they can expect to receive a mix. In reality you can expect to receive your mix late, if at all. I have decided to take a break from this community for a while for a few reasons.

As a web designer and developer I have a few issues with the IMP webiste. I have raised these issues, but never was able to actually work on the project for timing issues. I find much of the content stagnates and as a members aren’t as active as other online communities. This could be because the site isn’t as interactive as it could be. Simple additions like comments on blog posts and frontpage articles and postable media are some examples of content that is almost standard in other web 2.0 apps. If I’m not mistaken the site is run single handedly by someone with a fulltime job, so it is understandable.

There also doesn’t seem to be a way to enforce mix sending, and it’s often very disappointing. I would guess that more than half of the mixes I have received won’t be played more than once. To be blunt it feels like most mixes are the result of after-thoughts or are scrambled together in haste. I have received a mix that I can almost guarentee is the result of typing a keyword in Limewire and simply downloading songs that have that word in the title. If you have The Beatles, The Power Puff Girls and Marilyn Manson together on a mix you know it’s going to be a rough-go to sit through.

It hasn’t been all bad. I’ve learned of some great music and met some great mixers including the IMP founder Ryan Mixtape. I am going to keep making monthly mixes. I intend to keep doing side-trades with some of the members I have met, and I plan to sign-up again in the future.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s a see you later.


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