OK Computer: 11 years later

November 8, 2008 - By

Radiohead’s album OK Computer had been out for over a year before I heard it. It was 1998, and for most of my grade 12 year (and the previous three years) I had been listening to heavy metal, death metal and industrial music (notably high-rotation bands included NIN, Korn, Six Feet Under and Front Line Assembly).

The grunge movement had changed into alternative and didn’t interest me for the most part. I had heard Radiohead’s Creep and Just, so I wasn’t too excited about hearing OK Computer, I had expectations of another alternative band collection of blandness.

I did listen to it though. Then I listened to it again. I can now say that this album totally changed the way I listened to music. It is one of those rare perfect albums, even today it holds up as a highly listenable album… one that requires no reggae covers

And now, my most influential song on the album, Paranoid Android


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