Shooting at Friends

September 16, 2009 - By

We all have them; a cherished memory that makes you laugh every time you think of it. Mine comes from my first apartment.

I was living with a couple buddies; Simon and Peter. When we’d only been there a couple weeks I realized that I hadn’t tried the back door key yet. While at the Dollar Store one afternoon I decided I would try that night. It was at this same dollar store that I bought a couple cap guns and caps.


I think you know where this is going.

I got home late that night from work and snuck around back and started fiddling with the lock. It popped, and I just started pushing the door through the tight jam into the kitchen when I saw them walk in to investigate the noise. I ducked back into the darkness and watched them check out the floors as if for rats. I tightened my grip around the two cap-loaded guns and hoped that the door was just perched on the jam enough… With full force I kicked the door in and started shooting both guns at the guys. The caps were rewardingly much louder than I had anticipated.


They were totally caught off guard! Simon clumsily ran into the wall then did a staggered jump into the hallway. It was like his body couldn’t run away fast enough. Pete on the otherhand was a lot scarier. His initial startled “ah!” turned into a full out roar . He literally went into a full hulk-out stance and was ready to destroy me. It was the perfect examples of fight vs. flight.


All of us there with adrenaline pumping had a pretty good laugh. Though I always wondered, if I wore my gas mask (as I had considered) for full scary effect, if Pete would have actually ripped my arms off.

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