Twitter Pace

September 18, 2009 - By

According to this website I’ve been on Twitter 521 days as of posting. I love this site for probably the same reasons as most people.

  1. I now know what some stranger on the other side of the world is doing in real time (great when that stranger is an expert in my industry)
  2. I can interact with people of similar interests (and do zany experiments)
  3. The site is so simple and straight forward that it begs for use

It is in its deceptive simplicity that some complex issues come out of Twitter. One I have coined “Twitter Pace”.

This has happened to me a few times; I will start following someone who is retweeting or @replying me only to find they are tweeting approximately every fifteen minutes – full time. To me this is waaaay too often, as I’m only following 200 or so modest tweeters. I am at a pace with those users. For me personally, I tweet upwards of once an hour as do most that I follow.

I expect that someone who is tweeting so often as to fill my listing of recent tweets is following over 1000 users, and doesn’t see their name appearing concurrently. By the same token, I imagine that friends who are following me and less than 20 others would think that I’m a spammy user! It’s all about Pace.

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