Peanut butter nothing time!

September 8, 2009 - By

My life long relationship with peanut butter is probably as boring as yours. I’ve loved it since childhood, but never alone, always with jam or bananas or honey. On its own I find the taste overwhelming and semi-terrible.

That all changed when K and I went gluten free for a short period. In that time I tried Brown Rice Bread. On its own, or in other sandwiches this bread is fine, but nothing to write home about.

However! When you combine the two – peanut butter on Brown Rice toast (the instant the toaster pops), suddenly some kind of insane chemical reaction happens making the two the best thing since sliced… well, it’s just pretty fabulous. I’ve been known to have this three meals a day.

Killer Duo

Granted, this bread is kind of expensive compared to other breads; but when you compare it to the Starbucks insanity that I’m much more accepting of, it seems downright sensible.

My mind is opened to weird combinations now. Bring it on Commenters.

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