Introducing the Front End Review Series

July 10, 2013 - By

I hope I always have a healthy appetite for learning.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot from collaboration, reading, and dissecting the code of other developers. I plan to keep this fire burning and start documenting some quick code reviews of established websites. I’ve got a few simple rules in mind for this front end code review series.

I intend to spend no more than an hour reviewing the code; and specifically on the HTML and CSS. I’ll do a simple Web Inspector peek, and perhaps localize a page or two and snoop in the code.

I’m going to take some point form notes and highlight anything that seems interesting, innovative, or that I just plain didn’t know about. Negativity sucks, and is too easy to do. It’s easy to find problems with code, and needless without knowing why it was done. I’ll keep my nitpicks to myself (well, mostly anyways!).

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