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July 9, 2013 - By

As you may know (stalwart reader of ArleyM.com) I like writing and musing about this career of mine. One thing that’s been really way too inconsistent is how I spell out the title and the task.

I’ve finally made a decision. 

There are two ways I’ll talk about this. First, the actual work: “front end development“. No hyphens, capitalized at the beginning of sentences only. This is the verb, the actual work that is done. For example “I’m doing a lot of front end development these days“. Secondly the job title: “Front End Developer” will be title case as it is a title.

It’s so simple it barely is worth writing down, but there is rampant inconsistency here across the industry. I need to at least be consistent myself. Um. Starting now.

You can write it how you please, and I won’t mind. Well, for now. One day I may feel the same way about hyphenation here as I do with people from the 19th century who spell like “e-mail” 😉


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