Death and/or Taxes

May 29, 2009 - By

They say there are only two things certain in life; and I think one of them is about Dalton McGuinty. As you may have heard if you live in Ontario (and you’d have to be really listening to hear it since it hasn’t received the publicity it should) the provincial government is proposing a combined tax called HST. In effect this would mash GST and PST into one happy number that would be worked into the price of everything.

This is terrible.

It means being charged PST on things that we otherwise don’t pay PST on. In effect, Ontarian’s could be paying up to 8% more for stuff. To compensate for this new expense products will likely go up in price.

This hits me particularly close to home as I’d have to start charging 13% on my design and development work. That’s a huge increase.

This HST bill isn’t passed yet, and the province is getting pressured to drop it. Be a part of that pressure, you can email the Premier at

As if Alberta didn’t look too good already.


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