FTP Issues Pt. 1

June 5, 2009 - By
I’ve been using my ISP / my PC / FileZilla together for three years without issue. Last Friday I noticed images (.gif, .jpg, .png), .zips, .rar (both had images in them), and PDFs are not uploading properly.
Here are some examples of how they aren’t working…
  1. Sometimes the images show the broken image icon (below)

  2. Sometimes images upload and look bizarre (  http://www.twitpic.com/6o8ig and http://www.twitpic.com/6o8gu : One is half black, the other the image no longer lines up!). These give corruption warnings in Dreamweaver
  3. This WordPress theme http://test.mapleunderground.com/ should look like this http://www.neoease.com/themes/ – the images are wacky
  4. Here’s a web page http://debutcreative.com/troubleshooting/ it links to:
    • a PDF that gives a Damaged File warning,
    • a song that won’t play
    • a zip that doesn’t work
    • tried to attach two images
Here are somethings I tried:
– Different software (I use FileZilla now, I have tried Dreamweaver’s FTP, Core FTP and Leech FTP)
– Different computers
– Different web browsers for viewing suspect media
– Different servers online
– I have performed Virus / Spy ware scans without result
– Checking out Router settings for any changes
– Double checking Firewall exceptions
– Googling for these symptoms
What does work
– I can successfully email files
– I can IM transfer files
– I can upload photos thru browsers and apps like WordPress
– I can upload .html, .php, .css, .js etc.
So now I’m wondering if it’s an ISP thing. I don’t know how all that stuff works. Does FTP use some special protocols or ports for media than it does for html files? I’m stumped!

I am optimistically calling this post Part one. Stay tuned for a resolution.


Finally! I have solved this one. I still don’t know what caused this to happen (on both computers at the same time no less) or why it happened with different apps, but I did find a solution.

1) Uninstall FileZilla (Export your settings first to XML)

2) Remove all data… they hide it on Windows. Vista: Username/%APPDATA%/Roaming/FileZilla directory. Delete all files

3) Reinstall FileZilla, then import your XML sites.

Worked for me!


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