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February 5, 2023 - By

This already feels like “the one that got away”. Black and White photography is a favourite to be a viewer of, and I have enjoyed some results in my own shooting – but a very full schedule gave me few opportunities for shooting.

My biggest epiphany from my weekly video crash-course was that I can set my camera to give me monochrome in the viewfinder while the RAW images retain the color data.

This video had a few redundant tips, but this screenshot was my biggest “aha” – even since the days of film “good to great” was achieved in post processing.

I shot this basketball net – I initially shot it from about ten mostly-similar angles – only on my computer did I see that one felt much more dramatic. I went and shot this a few times, but kept coming back to 5625. Photoshop’s subject-selection tool made tree removal trivial, and Lightroom was able to accentuate the drama in an otherwise flat looking sky. On the left is a screenshot of of my initial six examples, on the right is the shot I submitted. Click to view in a large modal.

I admit to feeling some pressure with having new followers on 52frames (which I don’t feel this photo lives up to) – but I refuse to become obsessed with impressing everyone, as per the awesome 52frames user signup agreement.


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