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I miss Kincardine often.

Our house in Kincardine had the best water. It was amazing to drink right out of the tap – heck, even the hose. Once we moved I really got thinking about the affects of water.

We stayed at Kristi’s parents house for several months. Milton’s water is a lot harder, and I think it requires a lot of water softening. This is the kind of water I grew up with; it doesn’t taste fantastic, and in the shower the water feels extra frictionicious. This radical difference in water got me thinking about all the ways we interact with H20.

Water is the primary ingredient in the food we make, it’s thoroughly involved with our clothing, and we bathe in it. Inside and out, the water we use affects everything about us. My theory is that the kind of water that comes out of your tap will affect the way you smell and taste, right down to your breath and the scent of your clothes.

I think the only way to conclusively prove this would be AB testing, but since I wasn’t born a twin, once again humanity loses.

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