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September 29, 2012 - By

By all measures I have a very blessed life! The timing of my birth and the advent of the technology have worked out amazingly!

I was born in the early 80’s, so I had a relatively electronics-free childhood (by today’s standards). I played outside more than I would have otherwise, had great friends, got messy, broke toys, and did all the things a kid should do. If I was born today I’m sure I’d become a solid shut-in by the time school starts. 

The Internet started getting public around grade 8 for me. Video games were starting to get really exciting around this time too. This was an age where everything is equally new and exciting (extremely so, either for awesomeness, or angsty apathy). It’s an age where one starts to define themselves and explore the world around them. I call that perfect time to discover creating websites!

I think about the youth I had a lot, and compare to my own child. I watch my young daughter growing up in a world where she is completely surrounded by technology. When she sees Facebook she wants to see pictures of her cousins, when she sees YouTube she wants to see kittens. When a photo is taken she wants to see the picture on the screen! After getting photos developed this still seems like a miracle to me.

Forgive this semi-nostalgic rant. I just realized this week that I’ve been making websites for nearly 20 years now. I hope when she’s my age, my daughter will have a brain full of non techy memories.

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