Recession, shmecession

March 4, 2009 - By

Every news outlet is talking about recession, but I’m thinking supersession: The last month has been the busiest time in my career!

I am in my third year of freelancing and contracting. I have never done any form of advertising; in fact I only just launched the beta version of the Debut Creative site that is more than just a business card. Yet somehow business keeps growing! Most of those approaching me for work I know, or have heard of my through word of mouth.

With this new growth I have even had to subcontract a couple projects. I have been careful to ensure that I am still involved in the process every step of the way to ensure my clients are getting the Arley-attention they came to me for, and do not feel outsourced. Working with subcontractors gives me the exciting opportunity to work as a creative director which is a new hat.

If recession has anything to do with this growth it is that companies are maybe avoiding the larger agencies to work with the small shops. These are certainly exciting times.

If I’m blogging less it’s only because I’m making hay during times when the weather man is calling for rain!


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