Day Trip

March 26, 2009 - By

I got my G2 drivers license only last Fall, so my recent trip to North Bay for a client meeting and to help out with Tim Lum’s presentation was a new record journey. Kristi was kinda worried and told me more than once to drive safe and take lots of breaks. It’s nothing short of beautiful irony then that I went ahead and got the car mashed up on the very first break. Luckily I was nowhere near the car at the time. It was the parking lot of a Tim Horton’s Peppermint tea stop when a cube van clipped me. I don’t think the damage is too bad for either vehicle, but still it was a bummer.

I also realized through this trip that even one night apart from my wife is way too long. We love and need each other too much. Neither one of us slept particularly well.

At any rate, the client meetings were fun (I miss working in an office I think), and the presentation Tim did was a blast. I even got to share my 2 cents which I blogged about on the Debut site here.


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