No More Spam Please

June 2, 2008 - By

Everyday I get a couple hundred spam messages. This is maddening for two reasons:

1. People are sending spam
2. Some people must actually be acting on the spam, thus making it profitable.

I recently read some interesting statistics. Spam makes up over 75% of all email sent these days. Think of the bandwidth that must take! I also read that 90% of all spam comes from EIGHT sources!

I feel like with technology what it is we should be able to find these places and put a stop to this. I would love to find the people responsible and literally bury their houses in AOL CDs and Pizza coupons. Maybe we as Internet users can band together in some kind of grass roots operation like that whole Anonymous thing.

Can you imagine a spam free world? It would be so cool if you were issued an email address at birth that you could use for your entire life. You could find childhood friends so easily. There could be directories like phone books of people’s email addresses. The only thing stopping this is spam.

If you have ever bought anything through spam please don’t admit it to me, just stop. There are other places to get your viagra, replica watches and prescription medications.

Well that covers my thoughts about general spam. I thought it only fitting to include this Weezer video which montages some of the internet memes that have filled your inbox from friend related bulk mails.


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