3 No-no’s for Concerts

June 2, 2008 - By

Even though I’m not a huge concert-goer there are several things that drive me absolutely insane at concerts. I have often argued that for the price of concert tickets I could buy some albums and listen to them as perfectly and/or obnoxiously as I like.

Still, sometimes the irresistable opportunity presents itself to see some live music. Here are three things that I cannot abide:

1) Standing / Dancing in a Seated Venue
When I saw BB King this spring some idiot actually did this through most of the first half show. It was especially painful since he was in the seat directly in front of me. Shenanigans, and not the cool kind.

2) Constant Photography / Videography
When you get a new gizmo like a cell phone or camera it’s natural to go through a honeymoon phase of using all the perks and options. Don’t do this at a concert. Everyone should realize that a shakey clipped video in a dark room is not going to be watchable (like this YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eq2qGckHhU). Also, your camera won’t take a decent photo without some exposure time which means you’ll likely need a tripod. Your flash won’t reach the stage, so turn it off. While you might assume that the resulting footage is only your problem, the LCD on your gadget is actually irking everyone behind you.

3) Shouting at the Artist
We all cheer, w00t and go crazy at concerts, but there is also a minority who like to hear their own voices during quieter moments. At the Gordon Lightfoot concert I recently attended people responded to his ‘tween song introductions like it was some kind of two-way conversation! Don’t do that unless it’s your party. Write them a letter.

There are likely more. What’s filling you with ire at concerts?


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