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September 27, 2010 - By

I don’t follow the entertainment scene, but I do shop at grocery
stores; so naturally I’m regularly accosted by images of celebrities
taken when they’re unaware, unprepared, or not consenting. If I was a
celebrity, I’m not sure I would take this kind of treatment.

One thing movie stars / rock stars have that paparazzo’s likely don’t
is millions and millions of dollars. If I was one of them I would
start my own rag about these dirtbags following me around with
cameras. I’d hire a PI to take lots of pictures of them, dig up some
dirt, and then publish it. I would give this magazine away for
nothing. I bet within celebrity circles you could get some excitement
going and get friends involved with making these lowest of journalists
miserable; maybe get egg-raiding their homes added to Hollywood Star

I actually don’t care if this ever happens, so long as all the
nonsense stays far away from me.

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