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August 14, 2009 - By

Recently I wrote a blog post on Debut Creative about how taking part on the Internet can increase your SEO by your username. I personally try to sign up for most accounts that I hear about more than once – especially if it’s from someone reputable. I do this for a few reasons;

  1. I love checking out fresh start-ups
  2. I love evaluating the sign-up process that sites offer
  3. The SEO search engine results on useful accounts (the profiles usually link back to my site)
  4. It’s easier to remember the hundreds of login credentials I’ll accrue in my lifetime if I snag the username
  5. Securing the name before someone else

It’s the latter one that motivates me to check out sites promptly. Recently I haven’t been the only ArleyM on the scene. There have been a handful of sites where I couldn’t scoop my default username. To those other ArleyM’s I am truly sorry for all the usernames I’ve taken before you!

The downside to the heavy account sign-ups is when Googling “ArleyM” and “Arley McBlain” some results are merely profiles for sites I only checked out for a short time. I guess this is why lists over 38,000 results for my fairly unique name.

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