As Life Gets Faster…

August 17, 2009 - By

Life is a blur! I’m catching myself thinking “It’s $month_name / $weekday_name already?!” The days fill up, so much seems to be going on and the years are racing by like never before. I am beginning to understand the cliché lines about how quickly life goes by. I used to think it was a factor of all that I was taking on until a recent conversation with my friend Tristan.

Here’s his theory: When you were four years old, a year was only a quarter of your life. You could easily remember things in high resolution. When you were ten time seemed to go by so slowly. A year was only 10 percent. Now I’m nearly 30. One thirtieth of a pie is nothing!

Life is brief. Do the important things first. Tell someone you care. See the big picture. Look eternity in the eye and get ready!

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