Dessert Island #5 Days of Future Passed

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Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed
Symphonic / Prog Rock
The Moody Blues second album in 1967 was a concept album revolving around the theme of time. Being a little known band at the time it’s pretty amazing that they were able to get the London Festival Orchestra to do a large part of the music. It’s a very poetic album thematically going through a day with tracks like “Dawn is a feeling”, “Tuesday Afternoon” etc.

The album was a bomb.

Five years after its release a Seattle DJ was looking for a long track to play to allow him to go have a “smoke”. The 7:38 Nights in White Satin became an overnight success. Timing is everything.

Why is it on my top5?
While this isn’t typically my kind of music, I do think I could hear this album fairly often without getting sick of it. Over a long time I think the classical influences could push it into background music for me. It’s a very arty album with some pretty epic parts.

On a personal note I first heard this album around age seven. I thought the song was “Knights in White Satin”. I wondered why they were never reaching the end; the satin seemed a bit ridiculous.

This is the much shorter radio edit that soon followed. Music videos weren’t so great in the 70’s….


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