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September 22, 2008 - By

Autumn is here again; my absolute favourite season of all. It means the return of my favourite jackets and sweaters, the neighbourhood kids are back to school and there’s stuff on TV again. The latter of these reminds me how annoying commercials are; and how watered down North American television feels compared to some of the anime series Kristi and I watched last year (my skeptical friends have no right to roll their eyes, they won’t even give Death Note the time of day)

I also have to brag that this is the first time that I’m making good on my annual declaration to avoid last minute Christmas shopping. I hate malls during the holiday season, and I fear the online shipping deadlines. I’m happy (and a bit overboard) to say that I’ve already got a good start this year.

Even though I just admitted to hating commericals I have to admit I often look up brilliant ones on youtube for inspiration. Go figure. Ikea Lamp is a brilliant ad I first saw a couple years ago:

My new question of the week (to incite some kind of comments) is: What are your favourite 5 video games of all time?


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