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Wasted Youth

September 25, 2007 - By

I’ve invested a lot of time into video games in my life, but I’ve come to realize that aside from a handful of games that... View Article


September 19, 2007 - By

I’ve never been much of a handy man, so I’ve been learning a ton as we paint and get ready to move into our first... View Article


September 10, 2007 - By

I totally fainted on the weekend! I was feeling sickish, and one night at 3am or so I got up to use the bathroom. I’m... View Article


August 31, 2007 - By

Kincardine is almost too beautiful. Last week Kristi and I stood on the pier on a windy day. There was too much to look at.... View Article

Making Waves

August 20, 2007 - By

Tim was here on the weekend and there were adventures. On Friday Kristi and I were at Station Beach for one of the windiest days... View Article


August 4, 2007 - By

It only makes sense that a web developer have their own website. I have been so busy working on other sites that I never had... View Article

Uncle Arley

June 28, 2007 - By

Well, I’ve prolly called myself Unkey Arley to you before, and now I’m actually a proud uncle. My gigantic Neice Adeline was born. I hope... View Article

Broken Toes

June 1, 2007 - By

One day I was walking through my house and I nailed my toe off of the couch. It smarted, and after a while I noticed... View Article

Mini Mixes

February 27, 2007 - By

My last mix was a hit with me, afterall it was all music I liked. But even I found myself thinking it was too long,... View Article


February 25, 2007 - By

We had a great honeymoon at Bear Trails in Algonquin. We went dog sledding and each had our own four dog team. They tell you... View Article


February 17, 2007 - By

Kristi and I were married on Feb 17, 2007. The wedding was perfect, everything went great. Disaster almost struck the night before when my ‘responsible... View Article


October 1, 2006 - By

on saturday i asked Kristi to marry me and she said yes. it was very sweet and romantic. then, in classic arley-form, i ruined the... View Article


September 1, 2006 - By

ever see these kids biking around with helmets on, but they’re undone? i used to get kinda mad at how pointless it was, until i... View Article

record breaking news

July 1, 2006 - By

i recently started a record collection. there are a handful of records i must have! one of them is johnny cash live at folsom prison... View Article

ice breakers

April 1, 2006 - By

on eagle lake we paddled through 4″ deep ice and broke it all away. it was so cool. when you rock the boat the whole... View Article

axes to the maxes

November 1, 2005 - By

last november i bought an acoustic guitar. it sounds terrible, it’s warped, the bride was cut out of tin by hand, it’s bolted together with... View Article

hair week

October 1, 2005 - By

last october i went through several hair styles. you can let me know which is your favorite. stylish

new job

September 1, 2005 - By

last sept i started working at benjamin james marketing & advertising. i’m the new media / web / IT guy. i have learned a lot... View Article

summer vacation

August 30, 2005 - By

i went on summer vacation. “oh yeah? what did you do.” nothing. “oh. that’s too bad.” not at all! it’s exactly what i wanted to... View Article

i’m a winner

August 25, 2005 - By

i’m just full of surprises. finally got my licence, but it wasn’t easy. i couldn’t get my health card coz i didn’t have my licence,... View Article

car accident

August 18, 2005 - By

last summer i was in a car that flipped off a highway at 120 km. i was the front passenger. i opened my eyes laying... View Article