Blasted Allergies!

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I’ve been told that I have had a sensitive stomach since I was a kid. Only recently have I considered that maybe life doesn’t have to always be this way.

In recent years my Dad has done a lot of deep studying into food and nutrition; and he and several other family members have started discovering some pretty big allergies.

This week I followed my father’s suit and I went to Red Paw (don’t mind the website) for electro dermal testing. I wanted to have directly comparable results, so it was no surprise to see so many similar results.

The terrible downside of this is that it looks like I need to cut some seriously favourite foods from my diet. It seems as though I have a strong sensitivity to dairy products (including cheese), wheat products (but not gluten), corn (which is in everything), alcohols (including wine), anything deepfried, and so much more…

As far as allergic reactions go I only have the occasional upset stomach to speak of – however bodies deal with sensitivity in different ways. In the case of an Uncle with similar sensitivities, cutting out corn products and gluten meant going down from something like 12 heart medications to one. Heart disease is just one thing I could realistically be avoiding by changing my diet.

I’m not 100% convinced. I plan to go off these foods for a bit and get a second opinion. For one thing the testing location had a strong presence of cats – something I am allergic to; which could affect other results!

So, I went from a easy-going to “one of those” tricky hard to feed people. It’s pretty discouraging.

It’s been two days, so it’s too soon to say if there’s been a difference definitively. I am pretty sure however that I’m waking up way faster. We’ll see.

I’m including my allergy results here mostly for my own on-the-go reference, but I think this might be of interest to other McBlains who are closely related.

Food Allergies

Chemical Allergies

Environmental Allergies

Food Alphabetically Listed

What the Scores Mean

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