Windows 8 was not my idea

January 29, 2013 - By

This week I upgraded my home PC to Windows 8, and it’s a bit of a pain. I really love the look and can appreciate a lot of the thought behind it, but I feel the marketing push made a mistake. 

I got some email urging me to update! The email said the $40 update would soon be back to $250ish, so I sprung! The problem is I made the update motivated only by saving cash. Had I taken my time I would have made the update when I had time to tinker, but instead I’m sort of forced into a lot of changes I don’t have time to learn.

Now here I am having to Google everything “how do I find my VPN connections?!” “Where’s Photoshop hidden?” “Is Gtalk gone?!” It’s annoying.

I think in time I’ll prefer metro to the classic Windows, but at the moment I feel like my 20+ years of using Windows are worthless. This is not an OS my mom will enjoy.

Also, never touch my monitors. Ever.

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