What "Timeless Music" means

September 29, 2008 - By

Have you ever heard a cheesy saying like “this is a timeless classic”? I know, it’s annoying. But I think I finally know what they mean.

Recently a friend put on some CCR. Everyone knows that Credence is great. Yes it has stood the test of time, but that doesn’t make anything timeless. If CCR hadn’t been formed in the 60’s, formed today and released that collection of music, each song would be just as awesome.

A song like The Beatles “Hey Jude” might not have had the great percentage of listeners that it did in its day since today’s audience is a lot more diverse and there is so much more music; but I think it would still make a huge impact and a defining song of the year that would be well recognized in the years to come.

Conversely I think there are songs that are the opposite of ‘timeless’; they are so very well timed. Remember the song ‘who let the dogs out?’ Aweful. The only explanation I can think of is either all music at the time sucked, or the people in charge of popular culture at the time had suffered some kind of brain damage. Naturally that song should NEVER have been a #1, but it was. If it was released today for the first time I’m confident that it wouldn’t be. That song was so very ‘timeful’.

So how is your music doing today? Timeless or timed?


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