Viva la Analogue

July 10, 2007 - By

I’ve been listening to digital music for the last seven years now. The iPod generation doesn’t know it yet, but they’re killing music!

I found that with the iPod I’d be listening to a song I like, but meanwhile I’m scrolling around like a mad fool looking for a better song. I miss my walkman. With so many songs on your person, it’s too much power and too much choice.

Back in ‘the old days’ of tape you had to listen to the whole tape. Fast forwarding songs was a pain; you’d listen to the whole mix or album with the Bsides… and didn’t it pay off? I can think of scores of songs I never would have heard otherwise (pun kinda intended). I’m the kinda guy that music has to grow on, I’ll almost never like something the first time.

So while you’re probably ripping something onto a digital player while reading this I would encourage you to dust off your turntable or tape deck and get back to the basics.

Viva la analogue.


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