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October 14, 2008 - By

It seems video games are the sport of choice for our generation. I think most of us could take or leave video game music, but then there are a select few like my friend Miles who has 7 hours of Final Fantasy soundtrack in his car.

Some of the most effective music in games is little more than some subtle ambient thing. Very impactful games I have liked with well timed “intense moment” music include Alien vs Preditor 2, Half Life 2 and Portals.

I find console games approach music differently, opting for the loops. That’s an art I admire, you have to make a song that can be tolerable for potentially a very long time (anyone with a friend addicted to the Mii channel knows what I mean). Favourite console loops of mine are: level 1-2 for the original Super Mario Bros., WiiWare Dr Mario and the music for the first world of Bomberman on Turbo Graphx.

Anyone have favourite video game music?!


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