Toronto Photo Essay Please.

March 7, 2012 - By

I’m definitely not a city kid, but there are certain aspects of Toronto that I love. In particular I’m always in awe of the (often well designed) ads plastered all over ever pole and unguarded wall. It’s to the point where the city actually adds stapler-friendly pads around poles to enable the posting: 

Stapler-friendly ad pad

I then found these pillars near the University of Toronto. As far as I can tell their sole purpose is for posting ads to events. Despite several misgivings I have about the germy state of public areas, I had to touch this:

See how the pillar appears to bulge out? That’s not the pole; it’s the effect of what I estimate to be 2 – 3″ of ads layered at eye level!

I would love a photo essay or documentary about this! If I had the time, inclination or access I would love to remove all of the ads (with a sharp knife I’m pretty sure you could remove all of the ads like a husk from the pole) and document the results. I can see a giant bare-floored warehouse with the ads organized in chronological posting order! I would love to know how far back in time it goes.

If it was me doing this (and it won’t be) I would then also graph out the various topics / locations / design trends also found here. It could be the makings of an amazing infographic.

Please do this Torontonian.

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