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On November 2nd 2004 I made a blog post about my G1 expiring. Well have no fears friends, I have my G2 now, at the age of 27 the government now holds me to be responsible enough to drive on my own.

Driving isn’t something I enjoy doing, but lucky for me there are many other lovely things in my life. Here are three:

I’m a long time video gamer, and FPS is likely my favourite genre. I beat Portals in what seemed like a heartbeat, but it is still for me the absolute best FPS and Puzzle game I have ever played. Though short, it’s just short and sweet. It’s remarkably hilarious too. See the trailer below! I got so pumped by playing this that I have insisted that my wife play (as she is at the time of writing this) and I shall insist you get the demo if nothing else.

Since getting a loose leaf pot and teas for Christmas Kristi and I haven’t looked back. To me there’s no better drink than a nice cup of tea. At this moment I am enjoying a nice cup of Spearmint tea from adagio. After a couple cups of looseleaf I can really tell the difference. Another favourite would be Fit Active from Teaopia.

While it’s a well documented fact that I am indoorsy by nature, but this summer seems so different. First of all doing yard work on a yard one owns is much more rewarding. I have also enjoyed working on the laptop on the deck, and taking bike trips. Who knows what the future may hold.

And now the wonderful Portals trailer as narrated by GlaDos, the perky guide through the game.


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