The Pressure of the Internet

February 17, 2009 - By

This past weekend as a part of celebrating our two year wedding anniversary, my wife and I turned the house into a rustic resort. For two days we had no lights, computers, internet, video games or TV. We used only kitchen appliances and music. It was very nice, and more relaxing than the average long weekend.

When we did return to civilization I booted up my laptop and found it doing one of its classic moves: not connecting to the internet for absolutely no reason. With this came the return of some familiar feelings toward technology.

This lead me to some interesting thinking about the internet and what it represents in my life. I find with daily internet use come some pressures. I feel a need to be up on the latest content on my regularly visited sites; news, social networks and emails. Looking back I’ve been feeding this monster daily (with the exception of some vacations.

This information craving can’t be all that healthy, so I’ve decided to have more computer + internet-free days. Preferably at least one a week.

If you agree, high five! Here is one of the results of one of my constant content-hunting;


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