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Happy new year! It’s hard to believe nine years have passed since Y2k. 2008 is gone now, and I’m looking forward to the new year. Looking back here are some milestones for 2008 as a web developer.

Tabless design with CSS
I’ve been making tabled sites for ages, but finally decided to give the CSS route a chance. At first I really didn’t see the benefit, as creating in design mode is much more appealing (and often faster). CSS markup takes less chars and is more flexible to change.

Using Libraries
Working contract for a marketing agency has me creating multiple sites a year (guessing around 15 for last year), which means I spend a fair bit of time recycling code. Collections like CSS Grids and jQuery are incredible resources for saving time and having standardized practices. Open source libraries really changed my workflow last year.

Drupal FTW
Last year I developed my first site in this super powerful CMS. I will still use WP for most client-managed sites, but Drupal offers a lot of powerful tools.

Boag World Podcast
The guys at Headscape have really changed the way I approach CSS and accessibility. This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to, on any topic.

Other 2008 Milestones

– Nipissing University Prospective Students site – called by some my best site design yet.

– The latest chapter of

– Craziest Deadlines ever. Not stuff to show off, but impressive amounts of work in an unprecedented amount of time

So what’s up 2009?


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