The Gift of Sound

March 24, 2008 - By

It’s only human nature to take something for granted and music is one of them for me.
I’m not religious, but I’m a regular church goer. This Easter I found myself a visitor at a very large church. On the opposite site of the room was a person signing what the speaker was saying for about four people who were hearing impaired – then the singing started. I was amazed to see all five of these people were signing the words that were on the large screen. Their hand movements were a little more flowing like a conductor. That’s how they sing!

It was very moving to think of music in such a detached way. I also noticed they didn’t seem to be using the same words, and they weren’t in time together – without being able to hear the music keeping time would be impossible. For them it is just words; poetry if you will.
I’m thankful that as I write this I can enjoy some music. I like being shown what I take for granted.


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