The Fool Proof Guide to Shopping for your Lady

December 15, 2009 - By

Every year it was the same panic; “what do I get Kristi for _____(insert name of gift-giving worthy event)” . I think this is a fairly familiar story for most guys I know; that dull pain as the memories of every lame gift you’ve ever given comes flooding back. It doesn’t have to be this hard.

I am happy to say that for nearly a year and a half now I have refined a system that makes shopping for the wife a lot easier. You still have to find a fantastic big-gift as the cornerstone; but with a few complimentary gifts to scratch certain itches you’ll have a well rounded thing going on.

I try to get my wife something for each of the following categories:

– Something to entertain her
– Something to feed her spiritually
– Something to challenge her brain
– Something to make her feel pretty or special

Every gal will be different, but when you break it down to a few simple areas shopping becomes a cinch!

Good luck men.

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