The August Lark: 365 day countdown!

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I’m so excited that it’s August first. One year from today I’ll be launching a website that’s got me pumped.

Since retiring from freelance life at Debut Creative I haven’t been writing posts about web stuff. I quickly found that I missed it. My posts on DEBUT weren’t anything earth-shattering either. That wasn’t their purpose. I likely was writing the same stuff as hundreds of other people; but the goal was to show prospective clients that I was knowledgeable and passionate about my work.

I have toyed with the idea of writing more nerdy web stuff here on (and that may happen), but this is a personal website and it gets read by family and friends who I bore enough with that sort of thing.

I love writing for Six Revisions (my third post there is being published this week), and I plan to continue doing so when I have a unique idea for a post. Even with this great outlet I still found myself longing for something different to call my own. Something beyond typical web design industry articles.

Introducing August Lark

I  have been brewing the idea for August Lark since February. I’m designing this site to be something that I’ll always be excited to work on without some of the pressures that usually come with website management. Blogging consistently daily or weekly is a lot of work and pressure. Consistently delivered content in terms of quality and timeliness really aren’t really optional for today’s audience.  This is why August Lark is going to be a site that is essentially active for one month of the year.

Beginning in August 2011 August Lark will have daily posts that are geared towards being inspirational and getting the reader engaged in their own creative process.

To me August has always been the month of squandered potential. In any job I’ve ever had it’s a really easy month – everyone is laid back and cool, lots of people vacation. Then September comes and there’s a huge change. Budgets have to be used up by year end, school is starting and the Christmas countdown starts. Everyone kicks it up a few gears and the August mentality is gone instantly.

So what if in August you were getting ramped up with articles that look at common web design, technology and development challenges in a new light? That’s the goal of August Lark.

Get Involved

This site will be different in that I don’t plan to write it all by myself. I am welcoming submissions (in a slightly picky fashion) that will help us all think outside of the box and get reinvigorated about this amazing industry we’re pioneering.

Early September be on the look out for more information at

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