Terrible Thirteen Year old Website

July 12, 2013 - By

This isn’t allowed to be your first impression of me as a professional crafter of websites. I really feel like I need to preface this embarrassing link with my resume or something… I do some good work with good clients like BlackBerry, Tim Hortons, Suncor, Manulife, Pet Valu etc – I’m not a total hack! Honest!

Ok, enough of that – the dirt. Here’s a link to a site I made in college! Fun fact: This wasn’t tested on IE6 before it went live… because that browser didn’t exist yet.

This was made in whatever the “design view” equivalent was in Adobe GoLive! These are all table based layouts – there is some very interesting code going on! Javascript before the HTML tags, no doctypes, no closing body tags, lots of gems. An un-ironic marquee tag even. Just wow.

Enjoy. http://arley.8m.com/

To be fair, I really had no idea what I was doing – I was just trying things, making mistakes, and learning from them. Come to think of it; that’s how I do things now too – but it’s just a bit more elegant!

Just think where we’ll all be in another thirteen years!

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