Take Cover!

January 7, 2008 - By

Four years ago: I’m reaching for a CD – I pass over the ugly memorex jewel cases for an old faithful. I pull out the well worn Radiohead cd and pop it in. I stop and review the discs I pass over: Lots of great newer exciting music I downloaded off of napster and burned. Why not listen to them? Because they don’t look very appealing.

We like a nice CD package don’t we? I realized that and stopped burning music. I like the nice cases.

How do your mixes look? I keep my IMPs in chronological pile. Some cases don’t close because I folded up the loose leaf track list into the case! They look terrible, and that might be why I don’t listen to them often.

I remember the first IMP mix I saw: it was by CBK, it was in a decked out nicely designed DVD case. It was all out. Since then less than half of my received mixes have had covers, one I had to even supply the case for.

At the following links you can download a template for a simple one fold two panel case. Cinchy! It takes me back to memories of high school using crayons and collage to make friends nice mixes. If I get requests I can make them 3 up on tabloid to saving you printing costs if you go somewhere to get prints.

Enjoy, and take pride in your mixes. I keep and treasure mixes.



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