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November 9, 2012 - By

Man, time flies. It’s been nearly a week since I spoke at the WordCamp dev conference in Toronto. In some ways it can feel like it’s not a big deal since Toronto is so close, but some people travelled quite a distance to attend and speak.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share at this event, and get to give back to a community that has given me so much! 

My topic “Breaking the Mould” was about changing the design of single posts to make them demand more attention in a theme. It was actually my first time speaking at an industry conference, and all things considered it went pretty well! I do think I had a bit too much content to cover in the time allotted. Even with skimming through some comparison tables I took 43 of the 45 minutes!

There were some good questions and online discussions that followed. As expected not everyone is crazy about the still controversial Scoped CSS 😉

It’s also worth noting that John B Hartley spoke on Responsive Web Design at this conference (I think he’s done this talk at upwards of 4 WordCamps now), and cites the responsive text from the front page of ArleyM.com as an example! The audience reaction was incredible. The sound of 50 – 70 simultaneous gasps was thrilling and flattering. Thank you all! It’s easy to assume everyone knows about RWD, but there are many this topic is new to!

If you’ve never made it to a WordCamp you should make an effort, they’re great events!

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