Social Media: Am I doing this right?

July 13, 2011 - By

Being “social” in the stone ages (any time before the Internet was widely used by consumers) was a lot easier. While the Internet is supposed to make things easier it can be really easy to over-think this stuff and be paralyzed into not using social media tools at all.

In 2007 I was on Twitter, Facebook, and had a blog. For the last four years I’ve made mostly-work-related tweets and family/friend related status updates. I try to keep things light and playful. Additionally I’ve been known to make blog posts every week or ten to share some insight, invention or outright fabrication. I’ve enjoyed the different outlets for different audiences, and the challenge of trying to consistently create different content for each one.

Even though four Internet-years is a long time, I have a confession: I have no idea what I’m doing.

Google you wily fox!

When a new social site comes along I always check it out (if only to secure the username like a hoarding fiend). Most come-and-go as quick as you can say “cuil“, but Google+ has shown it has some staying power, and I already have friends circling me.

So now what do I do?!  There’s something cheap feeling about recycling my content from another social outlet; especially when facing the fact that most of these people are actually following me on one of those too.

I can’t abide the thought of only half-heartedly using a social network. I can’t walk away from a snappy new toy from Google. Obviously I can only churn out so much inane babble in a day. Dilemma’d.

Make your demands.

As I grappled with this conundrum (man we have it easy in the first world), it occurred to me that all that matters is the people who read, respond and interact with me online. Any content is useless without its audience, and for me – that’s YOU.

So what are your thoughts on social media and the Internet as an outlet? Do you need or use multiple outlets? What, how and where do you catch up with people online. In short, what do you want from me you needy people?!

This is the first content I’ve put across my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I’d love your feedback… wherever you feel like leaving it.

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