Old Mixes, Old Memories…

February 26, 2008 - By

Last week my miserable ipod died. It was the old brick kind.

I discovered this on the verge of going on a post- office mission. Not wanting to go without music, I loaded up my walkman and was on my way (I can’t believe this was ever a viable media).
I was spinning an old mix I made about 12 years ago in grade nine. The tape was playing just slow enough to make Bily Corgan sound like a pre- pubescent Barry White.

While the sound quality sucked, and the mix was questionable, it was fun to listen to an old mix. It served as a diary entry of sorts; it brought me back to my angsty teen days.

I hope you’re all keeping copies of your own mixes, after all you have the same taste in music as yourself. Years from now your cutting edge mix will be vintage and retro cool.


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