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September 9, 2012 - By

I’m a bit of a gadget nerd. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me as I’m often testing sites on devices in Thrillworks device library, or keeping tabs on the latest devices coming out.

These are interesting times for nerds like me: companies are at crossroads battling for the future of technology, and all the major platforms are on the eve of launches. Add to this the fact that my 3 year contract is just ending with my mobile provider and you have a perfectly nerdy recipe.

Maybe that’s why it’s so surprising that I’ve decided to no longer carry a mobile phone.

So far no one’s more surprised than me (though my wife is a close second). I love devices, apps, websites, and being connected. Lately however I’ve been intentionally unplugging and leaving my mobile device at home. You know what happens when I go somewhere without my cell phone? Nothing. None of the disasters I think could happen. I just end up with more time to think, talk, and be with the people around me.

I had planned to upgrade to some new device, but started looking into ways I could save a bit of money. This is a great way to save all of the money (about $1000 a year when you consider the plan, device and accessory costs over the life span of a contract). Reading material and plans from mobile providers was maddening. I’m convinced it’s intentionally complicated,  convoluted, and designed to get a “yeah whatever, just give me my new toy” response from a device-happy public.

I would have thought this decision unthinkable a year ago. Sure, it won’t be convenient, and it will require more planning ahead, but it won’t actually impact my life in a huge way.

So far the reaction from friends, family and colleagues has been pretty amusing! Some shock, some disbelief, and some mocking. Maybe they’re right. If they are, I can get another phone with zero effort. It’s not the end of the world.

Don’t let society decide what’s in your pockets. You’ve lived most of your life without this convenience.

Obviously not everyone can do this, but more of you can do it than you think. I would never presume to impose this kind of extreme measure on anyone, but I would encourage you to start leaving your devices at home. Often.

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